Rutgers University–Camden understands how difficult it can be to come forward with a concern. We encourage honest and candid participation in our process so that we can identify options. We will make every effort to keep the confidentiality of any person (s) reporting a claim and when possible will keep the identity of an unwilling victim or witness confidential. However, we cannot guarantee unqualified confidentiality as we must also balance the safety of our community. If we determine that there is the threat of imminent harm to an individual or to the community, information may need to be shared and then only with the appropriate individuals.

Rutgers University values your right to obtain confidentiality that is protected by law and under specific circumstances, and are therefore certain professionals are not obligated and are prevented from reporting on your behalf. These resources are opportunities for support and assistance.

Reporting any allegations of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct to any of the resources below will not result in an investigation without the consent of the student sharing the information, but will be forwarded to University Police anonymously for inclusion in the annual campus crime report.


Student Health Service – Psychological Services*

(856) 225-6005

326 Penn Street Campus Center – 2nd floor

* The confidentiality of information provided to these sources is protected by law and students’ personal information will not be disclosed without the student’s permission.

The Dean of Students Office is not a confidential resource; therefore any information provided requires the University to follow up with an investigation. Although complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, the Dean of Students Office treats all students with equal care, respect, and dignity and will to the best of their ability, preserve the privacy of all students involved. Retaliation for filing a complaint is strictly prohibited by Title IX and the University.