Reporting To Police

Victims should report incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking occurring on the Rutgers University–Camden Campus and surrounding area to Rutgers University Police by dialing 911 (in emergency situations) or 856-225-6009 (during non-emergency situations).

Rutgers University–Camden Campus has Emergency Phone Stations. There stations are spread throughout the campuses. In case of an emergency, press the red button; this will activate the system causing bright blue strobe flashes and a call will go directly to Rutgers University Police.

Rutgers University Police will work to assist the victim in reporting the incident to the appropriate local law enforcement, should the victim so choose. Should the victim prefer, he or she may report the incident directly to local law enforcement by calling 911.

Sexual assaults, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking occurring off campus should be reported to local law enforcement at 911 or the local country’s equivalent. At the victim’s discretion, Rutgers University personnel will assist the victim in notifying local authorities and receiving the necessary medical treatments and tests.

Filing a police report provides the opportunity for the collection of evidence and assures the victim access to confidential counseling through the City of Camden in addition to resources available through the university.

Reporting an incident of sexual assault does not require prosecution of a crime, nor will it subject the victim to judgment or scrutiny. Rutgers University does not tolerate retaliation against persons reporting sexual assaults, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking.